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When you're too incompetent to even know you're incompetent   
05:35pm 17/01/2006
  Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments, by Justin Kruger and David Dunning.

Taken from celiviel in the Project Outcast thread of Television Without Pity's Project Runway forums.

Interesting, and applicable to fanfiction and gothloli circles, where criticism is often a hotly-debated topic. It makes me paranoid about my own (perceived) abilities, though. ^_^;
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Die Maus ist im Haus   
02:00pm 10/01/2006
  Once, in elementary school, this woman named Fraulein Frasier came to our class to teach us about Germany and stuff. Unfortunately, I missed most of the other lessons because I had to go to enrichment or speech therapy or violin lessons around the same time, but I did get her first "German is just like English" lesson. I figured it was a pretty useless lesson, until about twenty years later, this morning, when I was futzing with my computer in bed and I noticed--

--Die Maus ist im Haus.

There was not much else I could do, apart from saying, "Guten morgen, Herr Maus, Wie geht es Ihnen? Sehr gut! Mitwok Freitag Volkswagen!" and, German thus exhausted, going to get an empty wastebasket to trap it, but it ran behind the refrigerator as soon as I got up.

I know my mother would say GERMS! and FLEAS! and MITES! (Oh my!), but it was really wee and sleekit and cute as all get out.

But a few hours later, it had somehow crossed the room without my noticing and I found it sitting cutely on its haunches not eighteen inches from me amongst my library books. And I sleep (and sit, and do pretty much everything) on the floor, and I really do not want it cow'rin' tim'rously all over me, so...

Ich haben eine kleine Problemo avec diese Maus.
Crafts: Recycled Grocery Bag Crocheted Tote   
11:31am 10/01/2006
  I forget how I found it--some convoluted chain of links involving Project Runway and contestant Diana Eng, on over to the fascinating Makezine Blog, and while converting a diesel engine so you can run a car on recycled restaurant grease is probably beyond me at this point, I saw their link to this and thought, "Hey, I bet I can do that!"

Marlo's Plastic Bag Tote

The only size-M crochet hook I could find was part of a four-pack, but on that package, it said the M was 9 mm, and nearby in the store was a size-N hook that said it also was 9 mm, so I bought the N. It seems to be working all right.

My grandmother made an unsuccessful attempt to teach me to crochet when I was eight, and I'd knit a scarf in college, so with tutorials at About.com (also links to more advanced techniques) and WorldKnit, I was able to plunge right in. Marlo's instructions had me a little confused, but with trial and error, I figured out how to do it, more or less.

My bag in progress:
crocheted bag in progress

It's bulky and ugly, but I'm tremendously proud of making something semi-useful out of garbage.
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Myspace and other stuff   
11:35am 08/01/2006
  One of my resolutions for 2005 is to get and/or remain in touch with people, so to that end, I joined Myspace so I could contact some of the shadowy figures from my past.

Here I am. Whee. Still futzing with the personal profile information

Gawd, Myspace is ugly.

But you know what I love? The feeling of incredulousness when I start browsing someone's Myspace profile--that Schroedinger's Cat moment when Matt Gabriel is my best friend from swim class and bearded/born-again Christian/gay/Hispanic--just before I realize that it's a different guy with the same name.
Back online   
06:04pm 04/01/2006
  Happy New Year! Sorry--I was offline all vacation (20 days--some kind of record for me, I think), and I'm just starting to read everyone's back posts and consolidate my entries for the break.

End-of-the-year survey, taken from xelyna:

001 What did you do in 2005 that you'd never done before?
Went to grad school.
Eschewed trousers.
Kissed a guy born in the 1980s.
Broke out in hives from trying on thrift-store clothing.

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Back in Training   
07:20am 14/12/2005
  Bras, that is.  
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Antiques Roadshow   
11:20pm 11/12/2005
  Forced my parents to go to Goodwill with me--both parents, both Goodwills. No good clothes, but I found a couple of pretty neat dishes.
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$6 well spent.   
08:27pm 05/12/2005
  Went to the library to do more last-minute research yesterday. Halfway there, I realized I didn't have an umbrella on me, and ominous dark clouds were gathering, so I ducked into the drugstore and bought one. Just in time--it was starting to rain as I came out. It was the kind of rain I like--heavy and gray, so no one was out and I could turn my music up loud and sing "Nichiyobi Yori no Shisha," which is pretty much the Rainy Sunday Theme Song.

As I was going up the hill, though, it was raining comme une vache qui pisse--absolutely ridiculous, so I ducked into someone's garage to wring out my socks and wait out the worst of it. After about ten minutes, it had lightened somewhat (not a lot), so I headed out again. There was one spot where an impromptu waterfall was gushing torrents down the side of the hill and across the road--I stopped and waited for cars to pass so I wouldn't get splashed, but the water was at least two inches over the sidewalk, so I had to wobble slowly across on my heels (hooray for PVC/rubber platforms), and before I'd made it all the way across, some moron in an SUV came around the curve and hit the stream without even slowing down. I only just managed to lower my umbrella in time. Asshole.

Anyway, apparently there were houses and trees hit by lightning elsewhere, and even funnel clouds in Aiea. Jeez, I didn't know we got those in Hawaii.

But things had cleared up by the time I went home, and it was all fine and sunny when I took a break from my studies today to mail a package to my mom.


God, 10 pages by tomorrow. Frankly, all I want is a passing grade in that class. Except I picked a gender-equity issue, so I'm going to feel all guilty about doing a half-assed paper--like I'm letting down the cause--in a way that I wouldn't if I were just doing some dry old topic. Grrr.

At least that's only five pages single-spaced.
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Quiz: Advanced Global Personality Test   
04:25pm 05/12/2005
  Sorry I've just been posting quiz results lately--I've had a ton of homework to finish.

Advanced Global Personality Test Taken from harlekini's LJ, IIRC. It's long.

my resultsCollapse )

"Female Cliche: 76%"--aw, fuck.

Embarrassing, but pretty accurate. Scored highest on Change Averse, Individuality, Physical Fitness, and Peter Pan Complex; lowest on Religiousness, Hedonism, Adventurousness, and Need to Dominate. There's no "Grammar Nazi" stat, but I take issue with the rampant mixing of nouns and adjectives in the list of traits, so presumably I'd score pretty high on that.

I have to take issue with "does not respect authority" and "not a perfectionist," though. I _do_ respect authority, just not blindly. And I actually am a perfectionist; it's just that I find it exhausting, stressful, and unpleasant, so I feel the need to sabotage myself by procrastinating like mad and keeping myself in a perpetual state of "to hell with it."

BTW, when you take the test, it'll only give you the journal code for the traits and percentages--if you want to save the analysis and trait snapshot, you'll have to cut and paste them manually.
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Quizzes: Shakespearan Character, Star Wars Personality, Fairy Tale Princess   
10:53pm 03/12/2005
  Did I take the Shakespearian Character one before? It seems familiar.

The Shakespearian Character Test
The Star Wars Personality Test
The Fairy Tale Princess Test

my resultsCollapse )
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The Shakespearan Character Test   
10:26pm 03/12/2005
  Did I take this one before? It seems familiar.

The Shakespearian Character Test

my resultCollapse )
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Dream: White cat   
02:02pm 20/11/2005
  Read more...Collapse )  
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Wellesley Grows a Wang   
04:06pm 17/11/2005
  ...oh, come on, you know somebody had to say it. ;)

Lulu Chow Wang "It's Pronounced 'Wong'" Campus Center

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Haiku 12: Why I should not be allowed to breed   
06:12pm 16/11/2005
  Naming my children
After dictionaries: "Meet
Merriam and Oed."

...short for Oedward, not Oedipus.


Speaking of hypothetical child names, I like the idea of naming a son after myself through my initials, but...

Ash: Eh. You see a kid named Ash, you know his mom went to a convention and got Bruce Campbell to autograph her pregnant belly.
Ashley: Yes, and this is my other son, Mary-Kate.
Ashton: Oh, hell no.
Ashford. Ashura. Ashikaga. Potash. It's just not happening.

(Yeah, I've been trying to name some new KoL familiars. No, I'm not pregnant.)
RIP Mailblocks   
05:45pm 16/11/2005
  Well, today's the day Mailblocks free e-mail accounts ceased to be. Dammit, I really liked them--they handled Japanese text beautifully. I was having trouble downloading the contents of my folders, so in the end, I just forwarded a bunch of messages to my Yahoo!Mail account for archiving. It was sort of bittersweet going through them--my dad's enthusiastic account of volunteering at the Kerry campaign offices, all the cheerily vacuous early-dating messages from guys who just weren't that into me or that into whom I just wasn't.

And so once again I revert back to my old Yahoo!Mail account. God, to think that I've been "sumirechan" online since 1994. But it's a handle that has served me well through many years and many fandoms.
Quiz stuff.   
05:02pm 15/11/2005
  The thing I don't care for about Blogthings is that the result is determined by only five questions. But eh, it's inoffensive.

As seen on harlekini's LJ, What Color Heart Do You Have?

Your Heart Is Purple.Collapse )

I almost picked the answer with the Buddhist retreat in Thailand, but if you think about it, isn't the whole point of Buddhism to transcend all worldly attachments and desires? Sounds more like a breakup maneuver than a romantic getaway to me.

Also taken from harlekini (incomplete):

a bunch of questionsCollapse )

>*-;-* Final Questions *-;-*

>4) Last film you saw at the cinema?: Gah, I've been too busy to go since Madagascar.
>6) What do you have for breakfast in the morning? Cheerios with walnuts.
>7) Who would you hate being locked in a room with? A Scientologist.
>8) What would you love being locked in a room with? Books, snacks, and Justin Theroux.
Dream: retail job, riverside junk, Crayon Shin-chan   
11:39am 15/11/2005
  A not-very-interesting dreamCollapse )  
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Six degrees of separation   
03:11pm 10/11/2005
  One of the cute things my parents do is whenever they see Japanese or white people being rude or obnoxious, one will intone dryly to the other, "Your people." (My mom is Japanese-American, my dad is white.)


Last night my dad mentioned, out of the blue, that my late grandfather once hired Lynn Cheney. So if you count dead people, that's three or possibly two degrees of separation between me and Dick Cheney. Yow. I didn't even know the Cheneys were from Wyoming like my dad.

His people.
Quiz Results: Who are you in the FF Universe?   
12:26pm 10/11/2005
  The Who are you in the FF Universe Test

My resultsCollapse )

Does the fact that I don't know who this is automatically disqualify me from being him? I've never played a Final Fantasy game, only learned about them through general otaku cultural literacy.

Otherwise, awesome.
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A la recherche du harmonica perdu: rambling about thought and memory   
04:59pm 08/11/2005
mood: procrastinating
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So I went to MySpace, and on a whim, rather than searching for M or anyone else, I put in my college roommate's name. It's not so surprising that I found her, but what is surprising is that she just signed up with MySpace yesterday.

ETA: Hee! The boy who gave me said first French kiss is on MySpace, too. And he's still in Phoenix. And still friends with the same dude, which is cool.
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