sumire (sumirechan) wrote,

Three Good Things That Happened To Me In Dance Class Yesterday


Last night the instructor took me aside and asked if I would consider joining the group who'll be practicing for competition this summer. I think I might go for it, time permitting. Hopefully the beginning-amateur level of ballroom dancing does not involve fake tanning and affixing rhinestones to one's skin.


Tried to correct one of my partners--"I feel like you might be pushing me a beat early"--but he stuck to his guns and insisted that he was right and moreover, I was wrong. We had to go to the instructor for arbitration not once but twice, but it turns out that I WAS RIGHT. SO THERE.

(Petty? Who, me?)


Cute partner.

Pretty, pretty boy, from my favorite Eastern European country. And he looks to be waaaaay younger than I am, so I'm not crushing on him, so I can look him in the eye and smile and not feel weird about it. Height and skill level perfect for me. Very comfortable dancing.
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