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I largely managed to avoid joining the Japanese otaku cult of collecting little plastic toys that come with candy--there's a whole market built around highly-detailed figurines aimed at adults--but I kind of covet these. Itty-bitty plastic retro furniture--how cool is that? They're way overpriced at Daiei, though, and there's no guarantee of which set is inside--I'd hate to pay $7 and end up with the Southeast Asian or French rooms.

Most of their series are models of food (the "Dreamy American Life" series includes "Airline Food: Meatloaf" and "T-Bone Steak of a Shocking Size!") but I'm tremendously amused that the same company makes a series of miniatures called "OL Life," inspired by the lifestyle of Japan's working-until-marriage "office ladies." One OL set is called "After Five: Date," includes champagne and a mock Tiffany wristwatch, and is captioned, "For once, he made reservations at a restaurant. Suddenly he looks more handsome than usual."

Somebody could probably write a thesis on the underlying social messages of candy toys.
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