sumire (sumirechan) wrote,


Made a pair of satin pajama pants into bloomers last night.

satin bloomers

It was kind of a pain to do--lots of pinning and adjusting, and the material was slippery, but the style is actually fairly forgiving of mistakes like crooked hems, uneven leg lengths, and puckered fabric (inevitable, since I was folding a tapered leg several inches up inside itself.

Now that I know I can do it, I may try it again with other pajama pants in the future.


In other craft news, I decided that the grocery-bag crocheted tote was too small to be useful, so I've unraveled it and started making one big enough to hold my Anglo-American Cataloging Rules binder. This time, I'm not going to use the stretchy kind of bags--not only do they feel weak, they also tend to stick against each other and the crochet hook. The crinkly, noisy bags work much better. God knows how long it'll take me to accumulate enough bags to finish it, though.
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